February 22, 2021 3 min read

PureLift Pro personal professional device

PureLift Pro is Xtreeme Pulse’s ultimate face-lifting device. It was built for home as well as professional use alike. PureLife Pro has an ergonomic design and a high battery capacity specifically made to meet the demands of professional environments as well as private settings like homes. Whether you’re a professional beautician or just an average user, the treatment is the same.

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User reviews

Here is what Linda Smith, a professional beautician had to say about it: My customers are so happy with PureLift Pro. Some even say it has changed their lives. They just keep coming back for treatments. Best of all is the fact that its effects are visible from the first treatment and it always delivers.

Renee Lynn a real estate agent said she tried many beauty treatments, but nothing compares to PureLift Pro: I have a busy schedule and PureLift Pro’s treatments are everything I ever wanted. They last 10 minutes tops, my face feels relaxed and my skin is instantly rejuvenated. No more wrinkles – it’s crazy!

Amber Norman who works in a pharmacy had this to say about PureLift Pro: As a pharmacist, I see people spending hundreds of dollars on expensive creams and beauty products promising to turn back the clock, but nothing works like PureLift Pro. Not only is it a one-time purchase, it works all the time. Its effects are guaranteed after every use and they are visible as soon as the treatment ends.

Margaret Brown, a bank clerk was also one of the satisfied clients who purchased PureLift Pro: With PureLift Pro I can do the treatment either before or after work. Its battery life is amazing. I can do the treatments for over a month without having to charge it and it still works the same, as if it was just charged. All it takes is my cell phone charger. Everyone at work is amazed how bright my skin looks and how I lost all my wrinkles from around my mouth, eyes and neck. I love it!

Penny Griggs, the owner of a beauty salon also has only the words of praise for PureLift Pro: Our clients are booking treatments days in advance. With effects lasting for up to 36 hours, we are simply overjoyed to offer such a service to both women and men. And the more you use it, the more your skin gets able to soak up other beauty products which nurture it and maintain its healthy look. PureLift Pro also accelerates healing so it has therapeutic properties. Its skin-care abilities are truly endless.

PureLift Pro and Triple Wave Technology - a winning combination!

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PureLift Pro’s Triple Wave Technology was designed in such a way that it overrides the body’s natural response to stimuli which is to adapt and render useless by constantly changing the length and intensity of the microcurrent.

Stimulating and massaging your facial muscles that tighten the skin on your face and neck, heeling all the Irregularities in your face and giving you a younger and healthier look. Its diamond-shaped heads are designed to fir every face and provide every inch of your skin with equal exposure to the microcurrent.

The device can be easily charged with an ordinary cell phone charger, and it comes with a special conductive gel that soothes your skin during treatment.

Check PureLift Pro and order your new companion. It's the only device you will want with you on a daily basis - order it now!

Andrew Barile
Andrew Barile

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