PureFlow Passive Cardio Exercise - EKG technology

Reboot, oxygenate and recover your full body with PureFlow.

PureFlow is an EKG driven passive cardio exercise technology that is designed
to improve cardiovascular health and body circulation but also to help the body heal, recover and rejuvenate.

PureFlow™ will maintain fitness while decreasing risk of stress & strain on an athlete’s heart typically associated with aerobic training. It optimizes your health using a low-impact, passive cardiovascular approach.

PureFlow is the state of the art, rapid pulse compression system that is transforming recovery and improving health outcomes for thousands of customers worldwide.

PureFlow™ uses the principles of counter-pulsation technology, which can help improve circulation, increase oxygenation, and promote detoxification by optimizing blood flow in sync with the rhythm of heart. The increased blood flow fromPureFlow’s™ pumping action drives oxygen and nutrients into cells more effectively than the heart alone can.

Get rest for 45 minutes a day using PureFlow™ and experience results similar to cardiovascular exercise. The only device that allows you to control each individual segment of the treatment.

It helps you with a wellness, detoxification, body recovery, weight loss, anti-aging and rapidly increase your mobility.

PureFlow™ is also great device to reduce stress, decreases anxiety and depression, improve stamina, increases physical endurance and exercise tolerance, Increases flexibility and increases energy and endurance


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  • Comfortable

    Breakthrough Smooth Touch comfort technology allows for a more comfortable sensation during compression.

  • Precise Control

    Patented precise sequential pressure cuffs that individually manage the flow of air to the calves, thighs, and buttocks, giving you total pressure control.

  • Comprehensive

    Simple, easy to use tablet with ability to customize & save individual treatment settings for multiple users.

Improve Flexibility, Mobility and Alertness

PureFlow™ will maintain fitness on injured athletes & expedite recovery, while decreasing risk of stress & strain on an athlete’s heart typically associated with aerobic training.

  • Improve vo2 Max
  • Increase Oxygenated Arterial Blood Flow & Lymphatic Drainage
  • Maximize Flexibility & Priming for Body Exertion
  • Strengthen Cardiovascular System
  • Increase Mobility
  • Improve Alertness & Cognitive Function

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