This is it: PureMask - Customized Collagen Gel Mask Kit


PureMask - Customized Collagen Gel Mask Kit

Revolutionary new system to make your own customizable GEL MASK!  

No mess!  Strong consistency that won't fall apart! 

PureMask helps with intense hydration that helps replenish collagen and minimize skin pores. Also, it calms skin and reduces the skin redness and skin irritation. Skin revitalization and smoothness is visible right after the first treatment.

PureMask is easy to use and great for traveling. It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and finish full hyaluronic treatment. It is compatible with all skin types, especially sensitive and damaged skin. 

This unique and durable mask creates a mineral balance ratio similar to amniotic fluid, allowing the skin to effectively and easily absorb nutrients. Mask can be used by itself or mixed with your favorite ingredients such as Vitamin C, Peptides or other high potent ingredients to create the ultimate masks.

Try it now, give your skin a deep relief! 

If you need refill, order PureMask Refill 30CT now!

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