This is it: Conductive Gel 960ml


Conductive Gel 960ml

LIFT Collagen Infusion Serum (32oz) is a conductive gel that helps PureLift Pro EMS device in electro-muscle treatment.

You can think of the skin as an intricate network of collagen bers, all intertwined and woven to form a protective barrier against the outside world. As we get older, the network of Collagen fibers become more disorganized and degraded, losing elasticity like a deflating balloon.

PureLift Pro EMS gel helps restoring three different types of Collagen, organizing Collagen fibrils, increasing skin suppleness and elasticity and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also moisturizes and rehydrates skin. This serum is Vegan product.

PureLift Pro EMS Gel is intended for use with PureLift Pro EMS device and electro-muscle treatment, but it also complements the PureLift Face EMS device in lifting, sculpting, and tightening the face.

Directions: Apply the conductive Serum / PureLift Pro EMS Gel directly to the area to help the PureLift Pro EMS device glides across the skin during the treatment.

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