This is it: PureWave - Professional EMS device for whole body

PureWave - Professional EMS device for whole body

PureWave is a clinical-proven professional whole body EMS (Electric Muscle Simulation) device. It is proven and patented technology for pain relief, slimming and muscle toning.

PureWave™ uses patented technology that emits electrical pulses at low, medium and high frequencies simultaneously to produce painless deep muscle stimulation that relieves pain, slims the body and tones muscles.

PureWave benefits pain relief, slimming and weight loss and muscle toning. It is highly recommended for pin relief in shoulders, back and legs. Also, it improves body shape, reduces body fat and aids in weight loss by burning fat cells, increasing uptake of sugar and increasing metabolism. PureWave is proven device that enables muscles toning by creating stronger and lean muscle fibres.

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